• High-quality raw materials
    500 tons of steel strip inventory, X32 raw materials imported from Germany and SANDVIK alloy raw materials, with guaranteed quality!
  • Advanced technology
    Create high-quality saw blades with exquisite production and processing technology and automatic heat treatment technology. According to the standard cutting principle, the gear type spacing, fear socket, etc., ensure accurate cutting, faster cutting and increase production.
  • Strict saw blade inspection
    All links in the production workshop shall be strictly inspected, the equipment inspection process specification, the incoming inspection of raw materials and the inspection during the production process shall be controlled at all levels.

YISHAN is the premier supplier of band saw blade in south China, with 2 factories based in Jiangsu and Zhejiang.

With strict quality control, advanced equipment and an ongoing commitment to producing products with superior quality, the 3,000 plus products in today’s Yishan product line continue to be the most accurate, robust and durable tools available.

We at Yishan manufacture and sell band saw blade for cutting metal, wood and food; We focus on optimum cutting economy,top quality and great service. Alongside our products we supply advanced expertise and flexible support. Our experience and know how, from customized saw blades development of products to advice and services, ensure valuable reliability and maximum blade life.

For more than 20 years,every day we deliver products to customers all over the world. manufacturers, builders and craftsmen have depended upon saws and precision tools from the Yishan Company to ensure the consistent quality of their manufacturing processes
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Yishan team's concentration,professional technology and advanced equipments,which enable us to win trust from many clients.
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How to choose bimetal band saw blade

How to choose bimetal band saw blade

CNC Bandknives Blades: The Key to Efficient and Waste-Free Foam Cutting

CNC Bandknives Blades: The Key to Efficient and Waste-Free Foam Cutting

High-quality Meat Bandsaw Blades

meat Bandsaw Blade Suppliers​ meat-cutting band saw blades meat bandsaw blades meat bandsaw blades meat saw blades

Band Knife Blade for Tissue Cutting

A band knife blade is a type of blade that is commonly used in the tissue industry for cutting and slicing tissue paper. It is a long, narrow blade that is typically made from high-quality steel, and it is designed to be incredibly sharp and durable.

The Benefits of Teeth Harden Band Saw Blades

Teeth harden band saw blades are made from high-quality materials such as high-speed steel or carbide. The teeth of the blade are specially hardened to increase their resistance to wear and tear. This makes the blade ideal for cutting through tough materials such as metal, hardwood, and frozen meat.

Problems That Should Be Paid Attention To When Band Saw Blade Sawing Stainless Steel

1. Stainless steel has the characteristics of large plasticity, high toughness, and high thermal strength, and has a serious tendency to work hardening, which requires higher quality of band saw blades. 2. The saw blade should have better heat resistance and high wear resistance. Ordinary bimetallic band saw blades used for sawing carbon steel materials are not suitable for processing stain
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