How To Protect The Motor Of CNC Sawing Machine


1. In the PLC control system of the CNC sawing machine, the normally open or normally closed action signal is introduced to the signal input terminal of the PLC, and the start and stop of the sawing machine motor are controlled by the program.

2. Using temperature to protect the sawing machine motor, using thermal devices or thermal resistance, the thermoelectric corner measures the temperature of the motor and gives an overheating signal through the temperature controller to protect the motor.

3. Use the thermal relay to measure whether the current exceeds the rated current value of the CNC band saw motor. When the overload is reached, stop the motor and give an alarm signal to protect the band saw motor.

4. According to the size of the motor power of the CNC sawing machine, select the appropriate current transformer, install it in the electric control box, and introduce the action signal into the control loop. When there is three-phase imbalance or large current, the thermal relay will act, and the control loop will cut off the power supply. 

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