Safe Operation Of Band Saw


1. Band saw operation and maintenance personnel must undergo professional training to master band saw operation and maintenance skills. Operators should ensure mental health and maintain concentration

2. When the band sawing machine changes speed, it must be stopped before opening the protective cover, turn the handle to loosen the belt, put the V-belt in the groove of the required speed, then tension the belt and cover the protective cover of the sawing machine.

3. The adjustment of the wire brush for removing chips of the band saw should make the wire contact the tooth of the Band saw blade, but not beyond the root of the tooth. Pay attention to whether the wire brush can remove the iron filings.

4. Adjust the guide arm of the band sawing machine along the dovetail rail according to the size of the workpiece to be processed. After adjustment, the band sawing machine guide must be locked.

5. The maximum diameter of the saw material of the band saw must not exceed the regulations, and the workpiece must be clamped firmly.

6, the band saw blade should have proper tension, and the speed and feed rate must be proper.

7. Band saw sawing cast iron, copper and aluminum parts without cutting liquid, and others need to add cutting liquid.

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