• M51 Bimetal Band Saw Blade Metal Cutting
  • M51 Bimetal Band Saw Blade Metal Cutting
  • M51 Bimetal Band Saw Blade Metal Cutting
  • M51 Bimetal Band Saw Blade Metal Cutting

M51 Bimetal Band Saw Blade Metal Cutting

M51 Bimetal Band Saw Blade Metal Cutting
  • Type:Bimetal band saw blade
  • MOQ: 10 pcs
  • Size:Be Customized
  • Package: 10pcs in a box , 10 boxes in a carton

Bimetal Band saw blade

Bi-metal band saw blades cover the broadest range of sawing applications and materials. Also known as M42/M51 blades, these offer cost-effectiveness, high performance, and excellent fatigue life. This high-quality industrial and residential saw blade combines the flexibility of a spring-steel backer with the wear resistance of an M42/M51 high-speed steel tooth. 



1, Longer blade life with high quality surface finish

2, Increased wear and heat resistance

3, Easy penetration in hard and difficult to machine

4, Materials, increasing the blade performance

5, Cost-effective over conventional bi-metal blades





Suitable for steel (tool, structural, stainless, etc.), pipes/tubing, angles/flat stock, mixed-metal applications, and much more.


Width X Thickness




27 x 0.9

1 x . 035

5/8 T  4/6 T   3/4 T  2/3 T

34 x 1.1

1-1/4 . 042

5/8 T  4/6 T   3/4 T  2/3 T

41 x 1.3

1-1/2 . 050

4/6T  3/4T  2/3T  1.7/2.5T  1.4/2T  1/1.5T  0.75/1T  0.75/1.25T

54 x 1.6

x. 063

3/4 2/3 1.7/2.5 1.4/2 1/1.5 0.75/1 0.75/1.25

67 x 1.6

2-5/8 . 063

3/4T  2/3T  1.7/2.5T  1.4/2T  1/1.5T  0.75/1T  0.75/1.25T 

80 x 1.6

. 063

3/4T  2/3T  1.7/2.5T  1.4/2T  1/1.5T  0.75/1T  0.75/1.25T 

Tooth shape:  Variable Pitch

Furnished in welded bands and random length coils

Note:Other dimensions available upon request




Company Profile

YISHAN is the premier supplier of band saw blade in south China,with two factories based in Jiangsu and Zhejiang.

With strict quality control, advanced equipment and an ongoing commitment to producing products with superior quality, the 3,000 plus products in today’s Yishan product line continue to be the most accurate, robust and durable tools available.

We at Yishan manufacture and sell band saw blade for cutting metal, wood and food; We focus on optimum cutting economy,top quality and great service. Alongside our products we supply advanced expertise and flexible support.

Our experience and know how, from customized saw blades  development of products to advice and services, ensure valuable reliability and maximum blade life.

For more than 20 years,every day we deliver products to customers all over the world. manufacturers, builders and craftsmen have depended upon saws and precision tools from the Yishan Company to ensure the consistent quality of their manufacturing processes.


Why Choose Us

1. You can get the perfect material according to your requirement at the least possible price.

2. We also offer Reworks, FOB, CFR, CIF, and door to door delivery prices. We suggest you to do deal for shipping which will be quite economical.

3. The materials we provide are completely verifiable, right from raw material test certificate to the final dimensional statement.(Reports will show on requirement)

4. E guarantee to give a response within 24hours(usually in the same hour)

5. You can get stock alternatives, mill deliveries with minimizing manufacturing time.

6. We are fully dedicated to our customers. If it will not possible to meet your requirements after examining all options, we will not mislead you by making false promises which will create good customer relations.

Please message and we will get back to you!
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M51 High Cobalt Bimetal Bandsaw blade Variable Teeth

M51 High Cobalt Bimetal Bandsaw blade Variable Teeth
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